Canon Broadcast & Cinema

Throughout the over 50 years history, Canon has developed its’ know-how and technologies to produce products that can suit various shooting situations which meets each user’s demands.
Today, you can leverage Canon’s experience & expertise and find out more about our wide range of products, from TV lenses, to cinema lenses and Pan-tilt systems.

Please see below our range of Broadcast Products.


Canon Broadcast, Cinema lenses and accessories

Learn more about Canon’s wide selection of Studio, Field, and Portable HDTV lenses that Canon has constructed through its long history in the broadcast history.


Studio/Field Lenses

The latest version of the DIGISUPER series Studio/Field lenses are developed with the most advanced technologies, keeping in mind possible future production style. In the DIGISUPER series, Canon has introduced a revolutionary HDTV Auto Focus System. This technology assists professional cameras operators in concentrating on the action/beauty shots while maintaining the images in focus.

ENG/EFP/Pro Video lenses

Canon is a pioneer in the design of broadcast lenses.
It was more than 50 years ago that we introduced the 1st BCTV lens – the “Field Zoom IF-1” with a 6.7x zoom range, which was the highest in the industry at the time. Since then we have energetically advanced the art of high-end optical design on many fronts – working in close collaboration with international broadcasters and producers to develop innovative products and enhance customer satisfaction. Today we offer an exciting range of innovative high-end imaging products that stimulate creativity and deliver superb quality results, as we continue our pioneering pursuit of excellence into the 21st century.

UHD 4K Broadcast lenses

This will be the first in a new line of 4K broadcast lenses intended to support a range of 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) productions.

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Cinema Lenses
Learn more about Canon Cine-4K Zoom Top End series and Prime series lenses, designed and engineered to stimulate creative expression and meet or exceed the exacting production standards of contemporary cinematographers.

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Pan-Tilt Systems
Learn more about the famous Canon’s turnkey, cost-effective, remotely-controllable Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HD cameras systems.



Please refer for all operational and optical accessories found in each category for Studio/Field lenses, ENG/EFP/Pro-Video lenses and Remote Control Lenses.

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