Canon CN7x17 KAS S P1/E1

Canon has introduced a new concept lens called CINE-SERVO CN7x17 KAS S, which was developed by integrating the best aspects of the technologies they have acquired through the development of broadcast zoom lenses and EF Cinema Lenses over the years and by further evolving those technologies.

The CN7x17 KAS S offers stunning 4K camera-compatible optical performance and is compact and lightweight, which allows the camera operator to shoot with the camera carried on one shoulder. It is also an extremely innovative lens that features a high magnification of 7x and covers a very broad focal length range of 17mm to 120mm. It is compatible with broadcast lens standard controllers, such as the 25D-3090 and FPC-400D. In addition, the lens can be used as a cinema lens with full manual operation by detaching the drive unit from the lens. Canon intends to meet the requirements of broadcast lens users, cinema lens users and a wide range of users involved in video production. by delivering the infinite possibilities of high-grade 4K image expression, and comfortable and easy operation.

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Support for Standard Broadcast Lens Controllers

The lens enables operation using broadcast lens standard controllers such as the Canon ZSD-300D.

Outstanding Servo Performance

The lens features a high-speed zoom end iris, ensuring that critical moments are never missed. It provides wide-ranging drive speeds anti remarkable reproducibility
from high to slow speeds. which allows operation just as required by a camera operator.

Immediate System Start-up

The drive unit has a high-performance encoder so that the lens requires no
initialization. Since the encoder does not require the initialization operation when
the lens is powered on, the system can be started immediately.

Support for Virtual Image Data Output

The drive unit has three 20-pin connectors and a high-performance encoder which can output 16-bit precision virtual image signals that produce more stunning virtual image

Operability and Functions Ideal for Broadcast Lens Users
The lens offers the equivalent servo operation feel as broadcast portable lenses for all focus, zoom, and iris controls.  The focus ring is provided with a knurled rubber for superior operability, which allows the equivalent manual operation feel as broadcast portable lenses.

Cinema-style Shooting
When the drive unit is detached from the lens, the lens can be used as a cinema-style full manual zoom lens.

Support for Cinema Industry Standard Accessories
The lens can be used with standard accessories in the cinema industry, such as a mattebox, follow focus gear systems, and electronically operated controllers.
The focus ring is equipped with 0.8mm and 0.5mm gear modules and the zoom ring is equipped with a 0.5mm gear module, and these make it possible to use the lens with standard accessories in the cinema industry (the iris ring is equipped with a 0.4mm gear module).

15mm and 19mm-Diameter Rod Systems
The lens is equipped with a support holder for cinema lens support rods that can be used with 15mm- and 19mm-diameter rod systems. An extension shaft (included in the product) is required to use the 19mm-diameter rod system.

Compliant with Wide-Ranging Communication Standards and with a Lens-to-Camera Communication Function for Added Convenience
Cn7x17 KAS S EF-rnount lens communicates via an electrical contact when using with a Cinema EOS Camera system, which enables effective handling of shooting conditions through storing lens data such as zoom position when the picture was shot) The EF-mount lens will be able to automatically correct pictures by upgrading firmware of the camera.  The PL-mount lens is compatible with Cooke’s /i technology, which enables transmission of focus, zoom, and iris position data as well as the lens model name so that the camera and editing equipment can display and store the lens information. which further enhances the convenience factor.