Chrosziel GmbH

Chrosziel GmbH has developed and produced professional camera equipment since 1973. Our products support the professional camera operators in the production and ensure reliable operation as well as robust technology. We are the market leader in the industry with many of our products.

Chrosziel develops and manufactures precision mechanical, optical and electronic products such as MatteBoxes, SunShades, Fluid-Zoom-Drives, and follow focus controls which all meet the highest user requirements.
The CustomCage, Chrosziels innovative solution for many compact digital film and video cameras was designed in cooperation with users for users.

Chrosziel also produces test equipment for service and daily testing of lenses and cameras such as the Universal Cam Collimator and  the Projector MK6.

Our products are an integral part of productions all over the world due to:
• intuitive handling
• precise reproducibility in function and result
• robust and reliable design
• excellent price and performance

Chrosziel GmbH is the market leader in its product lines:
…for optical excellence!
…made in Germany!

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Chrosziel MagNum Wireless Lens Control (Follow Focus) by Greg Kendrick



Here’s some application examples of MagNum:

Näyttökuva 2015-07-23 kello 10.38.56 Näyttökuva 2015-07-23 kello 10.39.11 Näyttökuva 2015-07-23 kello 10.39.25Näyttökuva 2015-07-23 kello 10.41.08

Matteboxes – For the rigorous demands of today‘s cinematic productions.

Light Weight Supports (LWS) – Confortable solutions for many camera sizes.
Follow Focus & Fluid Zoom –  which meet the highest quality requirement.

Quick lock & Bridge Plates – For quick and secure camera connection.

Lens Supports & Adapter – Advanced flexibility!

Additional Accessories – Our products in all their diversity!

LCS – Lens Control Systems

MagNum – The ergonomic lightweight lens control.

Aladin MKII – The universal Lens Control System.

LTI – Lens Testing Instruments

Collimator – Precise and simple measuring your camera.

Projector MK6 – Test-Projector MK6 for all esablished formats.

Lens Mount & Accessories – Completes our LTI products!


Chrosziel MatteBox MB565 CINE.1

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