EasySteady – SteadyCams

Easysteady is a brand owned by Mindfilm snc, a  leading company wich produces Camera stabilizing systems (steadycam), Shoulder mount, Camera grip
The company was founded in October 2008, after a a long period of cooperation between the two main Partner’s Companies: Mindesign and Filmer. In fact Fabrizio Minuz, owner of Mindesign Company, had started to work with Filmer, the Riccardo Filippini’s company, since 2003. After 5 year, they decided to merge thier own company  creating Mindfilm.
Since 2005 they had decided to study, to project and to realize an innovative Camera Stabilizing system for professional Camcorders (called technically Steadycam), with the name of “Easysteady”.
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Look for the website here.
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