IBC 2016 Chrosziel Report

IBC 2016 Product news

MagNum Mini

MagNum Mini is Chrosziel’s new 1-Channel Lens Control with an extra small receiver. Thanks to its reduced size and weight, it ideally fits for shoots from the shoulder or with drones, gimbals or Steadicam.

magnum_mini_datasheet_eng-vedetty magnum_mini_datasheet_eng-vedetty-1 magnum_mini_datasheet_eng-vedetty-2 magnum_mini_datasheet_eng-vedetty-3

System 700-A7II

The System 700-A7II consists of a Cage and a Light Weight Support especially developed for the Sony Alpha 7II cameras. This combination provides maximum protectioneasy handling and multiple optionsfor the Sony Alpha 7II.

datasheet_system700-a7ii-vedetty datasheet_system700-a7ii-vedetty-1


LED Lens Testing Projector MK6

Due to LED technology, the new Projector provides especially bright light and very low working noise, yet heats up very little.

p-tp6_mk6_projektor_datenblatt_eng_web-vedetty p-tp6_mk6_projektor_datenblatt_eng_web-vedetty-1