Kowa Optimed is part of Kowa Company Limited, one of the largest privately owned companies in Japan. Founded in 1894, Kowa has grown into a multinational Japanese company actively engaged in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of optics, pharmaceutical, life science, textiles and various consumer products.

The Electronics and Optics division of Kowa began the production of lenses in 1946 and spotting scopes in 1952. Later binoculars and cameras were added to the portfolio.

Whereas the production of cameras was discontinued in the 1970s, the product lines of lenses in both the CCTV and machine vision categories have become one of the most extensive in the market. In addition to its standard lens portfolio Kowa also provides custom lens solutions to ensure that each customer finds the perfect fit with a Kowa product for any type of project.

Since the beginning of the 1980s Kowa has a sales office in Europe. For the optical division Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH serves the European market from Düsseldorf. A small, dedicated team provides sales and technical support for the European market. The European team works in close communication with the technical development and production in Japan.


Machine Vision

With its experience in manufacturing lenses dating back to 1946 Kowa has been a strong player in the machine vision market from the beginning. Kowa has been gradually expanding its portfolio of Multi-Megapixel C-mount lenses, 3CCD lenses, telecentric lenses, and large format lenses. All machine vision lenses are designed and manufactured in Japan.



CCTV / Security

Kowa’s product portfolio covers zoom lenses with up to 1000mm focal length, standard varifocal lenses and Day & Night HD-Multi-Megapixel lenses designed for use with cameras with more than 3 megapixel resolution. Designed to provide sharp images even in long-range surveillance applications, Kowa’s zoom lenses perform to their highest abilities regardless of the lighting conditions in the surrounding environment.


Zoom lenses / Border Control

The technical requirements for surveillance applications have become more and more demanding. Kowa’s high quality zoom lenses with up to 1000mm focal length can detect human sized objects at many kilometres away. This makes them perfectly suited for border control or the surveillance of high risk facilities such as airports, ports or military infrastructure.

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ITS (Traffic)

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have become more and more important in recent years. For applications such as license plate recognition or face recognition the demand of high quality images has increased. Kowa’s lenses suit the special requirement of ITS applications such as higher resolution and faster F-stop. For demanding day and night ITS applications Kowa offers IR-corrected lenses with P-Iris.


Kowa continually pushes its boundaries by expanding into new markets such as the broadcast market. Kowa lenses have been used for cinema 3D cinema productions, broadcast of soccer and winter sports as well as for studio productions.
Kowa lenses are also increasingly popular with users of the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Super Low Light Surveillance Camera: SC200PK1C

New Camera from Kowa for observation in very dark environment.

On GPEC Kowa will introduce a new “Super Low Light Surveillance” camera. The SC200PK1C is able to deliver a colour image even in very dark surroundings and is thus ideal for high-end surveillance solutions.

The 2/3 “CMOS 2MP (1080p / 30f – HDTV) color camera delivers even at 0005 Lux still a good picture. This is possible through a new sensor, which is similar to the EMCCD sensors highly sensitive. The camera has a 16x image storage for sensitivity enhancement, 3D-noise reduction.

A day/night function, enables the camera to be ultra-high sensitive for observation under IR illumination. Matching to the camera Kowa launched new aspheric, high-speed lenses (F0.8 / F0.85) with different focal lengths like 60 mm, 35 mm and 25 mm.

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