LOCKCIRCLE – cinematic engineering


LockCircle products are designed by experienced an passionated cinematographers!

Tools with a vision, built around a serious production point of view.

LockCircle creates high-end production grade, filmmaking camera accessories and lenses.
Our gear is made entirely in Italy with third-party suppliers from Switzerland,
Germany, Japan and United Kingdom, and designed by filmmakers and cinematographers for filmmakers.
Design follows function with obsessive manufacturing quality
for equipment built like “before globalization” mentality because our customers
are looking for real quality values!
It comes with an unparallaled lifetime warranty and our world renowed customer service.
LockCircle’s original designs free filmmakers to focus in inspired
and creative cinematics.



The LockPort UNIVERSAL protects definitely the fragile output on your camera from tough production abuse
with a rock solid universal clamp and a smart mini to full-size HDMI adapter/mini to full-size USB 2.0/micro to full-size USB 3.0



The most versatile and lightweight cage and mount system for motion picture production!

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Prime Circle

PrimeCircle is a dedicated line of superb cinematic lenses, EF (Eos) mounts and controllers for the modern digital cinematographers.
Also a complete high-end family of optical ultra-white crystal clear professional filters to take control over your creativity.


Mattebox Prime Circle

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LockCircle Original camera body caps

The highly precision Canon EF and Nikon F bayonets
locks the cap in position with a “swiss watch” feeling,
providing the necessary seal from dust or moisture.

The LockCircle is machined from solid billet aluminum
features sanded textured surface with clear, titanium
or black anodized finish.

K-Circle wire/wireless EOS USB controller

The K-Circle BASE MODULE uses Canon’s USB protocol to allow wire control
of a wide range of functions for most of the Canon EOS HDSLR cameras.

Connected to the camera with a mini-B USB cable to Lemo connector can
be used like a remote control (wire) or attached to a rig using a
standard 1/4″-20 mount located on the rear and two sides of the aluminum
CNC machined and anodized enclosure. Works with USB cables
(non-powered) up to 50 ft (15 mt).

The K-Circle BASE MODULE has integrated wireless receiver (remote ready)! Just add a K-Circle Remote Module and go full wireless up to 300 ft (100 mt) with total control of Canon EOS cameras.

The K-Circle uses the autofocus motor in the lenses to control focus,
and the focus feeling is little different than mechanical follow focus work,
but offers the choice to focus during shooting, also programmed focus
positions can be recalled for total shooting creativity.

Live-View and HDMI output works with the K-Circle offering a incredibly
tool for filmmakers and photographers, adding a complete new vision
in movie/photo productions.