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iQ-Selfie Studio

Create the perfect “selfie” image.

A test kit capable of reproducing the unique conditions for a typical selfie scene using naturally occurring lighting conditions.

The iQ-Selfie Studio has been constructed to appear as a typical selfie scene. By incorporating specific products in our inventory with the newly designed iQ-Selfiemount mounting system, our engineers have created an effective way to analyze the image quality of a selfie photo.

At the center of the iQ-Selfie Studio are two TE284 test charts and a dark-haired mannequin head. The foreground chart (TE284) is positioned, along with the mannequin head, atop the iQ-Selfiemount, while the background chart (TE284B) is mounted on a iQ-Wallmount and positioned 80 cm in the background of the iQ-Selfiemount. Testing for resolution, texture loss, color, and a visual test with the mannequin head, are possible in three different forms of illumination (full, front, background), thus creating more exact measurements. A full chart analysis can be done with the iQ-Analyzer 42 module.

To complete the iQ-Selfie Studio, we have included the Manfrotto 055XPRO3 Tripod, Manfrotto 410-3-way head, and iQ-Mobilemount to ensure stability and accuracy of the camera being tested. Finally, the iQ-Trigger-T is added for more precise determination of the trigger release.

Optional products are the Hedler tungsten halogen light source system for illumination and the TE251 test chart for measuring image distortion.

Main features:

•Measurement of resolution, color, texture loss and sharpness

•Check of automatic exposure control

•Check of face detection

•Visual evaluation with the mannequin head

•Optional analysis with the iQ-Analyzer Modul 42


Porta Brace’n uutuuslaukut Canon C200 -kameralle ja varusteille



F&V Introducing the SE series

The SE series of LED lights simplifies the F&V product range and combines the advantages of the Lumic, Plus and UltraColor series and offers the highest specs, yet maintaining budget prices.
Color reproduction

Lumic: CRI 85-90
Plus: CRI 90-92
UltraColor: TLCI 94-96

SE Series: TLCI 95-99, CRI 93-97


K4000 Lumic Daylight: 2650 lux@1m
K4000 Plus Daylight: 2386 lux@1m
Z400 UltraColor Daylight: 2170 lux@1m

K4000 SE Daylight : 3046 lux@1m


Vocasin uutuuksia tuotteita NAB’issa Sony PXW-FS7/FS7 II -kameraan


Tiffen PRO100 Filter System

The sleek and innovative design of Tiffen filter holder enables you to use up to two Tiffen Award Winning 4mm thick glass Motion Picture/Television filters at once, giving you the opportunity to create images like never before.

Check this out:


Tiffen Aerial Collection – Drone Filters

Tiffen’s new line of drone filters for the DJI Phantom 3 and 4 quadcopters.


Uutta Vocasilta


Sirui -jalustat videoon ja stilliin. 


SKB & Think Tank – yhteistyön toimivin kalustolaukkusarja mitä markkinoilta löytyy….

käy tsekkaamassa!

  Industry leaders SKB Cases and Think Tank Photo have teamed up to develop a high-quality line of Photo and Video hardshell cases that provide the ultimate in protection, versatility, and convenience for today’s globetrotting photographers and videographers.

The co-branded line of Flyer Series Cases are designed around SKB’s virtually indestructible waterproof iSeries hardshell cases, and feature premium interiors designed by Think Tank Photo, the world’s premier manufacturer of photo and video soft cases and backpacks. These exclusive interiors boast durable, fully customizable divider options for camera/video equipment and accessories, and also include new innovations like robust lid organizers, a wrap- around hard case cover with shoulder strap, a unique zippered pull-out divider case, and a backpack specifically designed to fit the SKB rolling carry-on case (3i-2011-7B). Flyer Series Cases will be available in four popular sizes, including two carry-on sized options ideal for DSLR or Mirrorless cameras, a rolling carry-on size, and a checkable case for larger video gear.

“To design the best interiors for photographers and videographers, we turned to the best: Think Tank Photo designs components that are second to none,” explains Jerry Andreas, Sr. Vice President at SKB Corporation. “Together with their industry-leading expertise and our proven, travel-tough iSeries cases, we’ve developed an unparalleled solution; I’m confident that our new Flyer Series will be extremely popular.”


Onko kamerasi säädöt kunnossa? Back Fokuksen tsekkaus? 

Huippulaatuiset saksalaiset IE testitaulut auttavat sinua säätämään kamerasi oikein.


Satakoon lunta, vettä taikka räntää – Porta pitää kamerasi ja objektiivisi kuivana.


Screw-In Filters
Digital HT Filters
Aerial (Drone) Collection
XLE Series
Pro100 Series Filter Holder System
Larger Format Filters
Larger Screw-In Filters
MPTV VND/Multi Rota Tray



Porta Brace Custom-fit rain & dust protective cover for the Panasonic AG-UX90
-Highly water-resistant Parapack Nylon
-Secure-fitting lens gasket
-Large, clear Vinyl window to view controls
-“Quick” design for fast on & off


Uutta Chrosziel’lta  Canon Cinema C700  ja Sony PXW-FS7 Mark II kameroihin.

acc700a acc700a-2-vedetty


Do you know our latest product video about System 700-A7II?

The System 700-A7II consists of a Cage and a Light Weight Support especially developed for the Sony Alpha 7II cameras. This combination provides maximum protectioneasy handling and multiple optionsfor the Sony Alpha 7II.

Check the video from here.


iSeries Colored Handles

If you own multiple iSeries black cases, it can be a problem telling them apart. You can now eliminate the guesswork by changing out the case handles to different colors to code your contents. Available in four colors, (BE) blue, (RD) red, (GN) green and (YW) yellow.



Tiffen on lanseerannut uuden huipputuotteen erityisesti still-kuvaajille!
Tutustu ja ihastu – tästä

KititPro100 KititPro100b KititPro100hinnat


Back Focus or Flange Depth – have you equipment for check them yet?



Come and see Canon in Hall 12, stand D60 at IBC 2016 (RAI Amsterdam, 9 – 13 September 2016)
Register for IBC now using Canon’s exclusive code “4021” to get free entry to the IBC exhibition.
Register now here!

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Canon Offers a Hand to Clients

Canon’s U.S. and European team are in Brazil, supporting such clients as NBC Olympics, NEP, NHK, Euromedia Group, and HD Resources. One estimate is that there are more than 1,000 Canon broadcast lenses covering the Games.

Read the whole article from here.


From left: Canon’s Kenny Nakagawa, Dover Mundt, and Hank Yoshida of are on

hand to ensure that the company’s products are 100% up and running.


Mielenkiintoinen artikkeli NewsShooter’issä F&V’n Z400S BiColour Soft 1×1 LED paneelivalosta.
F&V Z400S Bi-Colour Soft 1×1 LED Panel Field Test

Näyttökuva 2016-08-16 kello 9.46.52

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Porta Brace’lta löytyy useita erilaisia ratkaisuja
objektiivien kuljettamiseen ja säilyttämiseen

porta porta (vedetty)


Porta Bracen uutuus Phantom 2, 3 ja 4 Dronelle.
Saatavana mustana tai  platinan värisenä.



Portalta uusi laukkusarja Canon C-sarjan kameroille!

BK-C300.pages (vedetty) BK-C300.pages (vedetty) 1

Durable Construction

  • -Made using abrasion-resistant 1000-denier, military-grade Cordura® Nylon
  • -Our material is treated with an extra layer of water-resistant coating
  • -Ultra-lightweight semi-rigid frame offers maximum protection without being heavy
  • -Water-proofed nylon-bonded triple-tacked stitching for superior water-resistancy
  • -Durable YKK® zippers, reverse-sewn for extended zipper life

Large Carrying Compartment

  • -Soft, semi-rigid foam walls lined with soft Veltex® material
  • -Includes 3 padded, bendable dividers for customizing the interior setup
  • -A soft padded accessory pouch is included for protecting a spare lens or other accessory
  • -A padded Lens Cup camera lens holder is also included and can be removed and worn on your belt
  • -Comes with a Portabrace White Balance Card
  • -Tablet storage compartment with viewing screen

Comfortable Harness System

  • -A layer of thick padding between your back and the bag provides extra comfort and support when carrying
  • -Thick padded straps with waist and chest straps provide maximum comfort and stability
  • -Straps fold away for “snag-free” carrying during air-travel or transport in a vehicle

Accessory Storage

  • -Separate padded laptop compartment protects laptops up to 17-inches
  • -Front slip pocket with press-pass / ID display window
  • -Side-mounted tripod holder with cinch
  • -Mesh water-bottle holder
  • -Small accessory pocket ideal for sunglasses or cell phone


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Tiffen’s 4K Diffusion Test Film was produced to clearly show viewers the distinctive variances and subtle differences across our large range of Diffusion filters. It’s not that these filters are specifically 4K – the 4K label has been attached to the presentation because the production was shot and is also available in 4K deliverable formats, as well as standard HD.

Produced and narrated by Carey Duffy, along with Steven Poster ASC as project consultant, and photographed by cinematographer Stephen Murphy. The film focuses the viewer’s attention by categorizing the style and effects type produced by the filters into main classifications – i.e. Black Halation, White Halation, Optical Resolution – and then sub categories them into named sets, showing the effect of the individual densities.

See lighting diagrams, camera information and read the full review from here.


NEP Australia Supports 4K Build-out with Canon’s New 4K CJ12 Lenses


Read the whole article from here.


Something new from Century for
Sony E-mount PZ 28-135mm f4 is that it is sold as a kit lens with the FS7.



Metal Jacket by LockCircle Leica SL (typ 601)

Here‘s more info.



MJ_BLACK_VE_L-768x1152 MJ_MULTIPORT_L-768x512


The Metal Jacket cage integrates the MultiPort HDMI / USB 3.0 / Audio / Controller Interface port savers for serious camera protection and no “signal loose” when shooting in rough production environments.




Blackmagic Ursa Mini’lle Portalta uutuus laukut ja suojat




Tiffeniltä tullut uusia “Film Look” suotimia
tiffenNAB (vedetty) tiffenNAB (vedetty) 1 tiffenNAB (vedetty) 2Näyttökuva 2016-04-21 kello 13.37.08





Bi-Color, TLCI 99, Bright, Compact, Passively Cooled and Super Soft

The UltraColor Z400S Soft will start shipping in May 2016.

FVUltrasoft1FV_UltraColor Z400S_Z800S_Soft_leaflet-2 (vedetty)

FV_UltraColor Z400S_Z800S_Soft_leaflet-3 (vedetty)F&V3




FV_UltraColor Z400S_Z800S_Soft_leaflet-3 (vedetty)FV_UltraColor Z400S_Z800S_Soft_leaflet-2 (vedetty)


Kuningas on syntynyt – saksalaiselta Denziltä King Peter optinen mittalaite.


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A revolution in video production.

The large-format Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S brings high-end

quality cine-servo features like super-smooth servo zoom and focus at an affordable price point.

Näyttökuva 2016-04-14 kello 9.22.20

Here’s more detailed info this great new product.


Vocas’ilta uutta!
Monitoiminen SDLR ja Camjo rigi  kamerallesi

Näyttökuva 2016-04-11 kello 12.09.34

Tässä infoa uutuudesta.


Porta Brace’lla pidät t DJI Osmon kätevästi käsillä!

Näyttökuva 2016-04-06 kello 11.42.50


Vocasilta uusi Follow Focus Systeemi!

Näyttökuva 2016-02-19 kello 12.30.12


Handgrip extender Sony PXW-FS5’seen
grippi1 grippi2


KOWA’n objektiivit

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Portan audiolaukku AO-688H on suunniteltu Sound Devices 688’lle.
Mukana henkselit. Kysy tarjousta!

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The new Digital Lens Motor

Perfectly suites many major photo, broadcast and cine lenses – our new Digital Motor CDM-100:

  • Perfect for Gimbals, Drones and Steadicam
  • Horizontally aligned
  • Extremely light weight
  • Extremely silent
  • Very small and short housing
  • Motor housing with standard 19mm diameter
  • Smart gear attachement for secure operation and fast exchange
  • Two gear diameters, even for large lens pitches
  • Fixed motor cable additionally reducing motor size and weight
  • Universal Rod Clamp with integrated captive slider for use with Ø 15mm / Ø 19mm rods – quickly and easily adjustable!
  • The Chrosziel Digital Motor CDM-100 is compatible with the Chrosziel MagNum and the Aladin MK II as well as 3rd party brands


The Vocas sliding system is a revolutionary new way to mount cameras to different setups,

while balancing the camera optimally.

At the heart of this new system is the Universal camera adapter plate. This plate can be attached underneath any camera and gives the camera a dovetail connection. This allows the camera to slide on or off the various new Vocas products that are based on this dovetail system, such as the USBP-15 MKII, the BP-19 MKII and the Quick release dovetail plate.


Vocas’in uutuus Mattebox 455 & ARRI Alexa Mini – loistava kombi


Canon Cine Servo lens
-multipurpose lens at your service – from us!


The Vocas sliding system is

a revolutionary new way to mount cameras to different setups, while balancing the camera optimally.

At the heart of this new system is the Universal camera adapter plate. This plate can be attached underneath any camera and gives the camera a dovetail connection. This allows the camera to slide on or off the various new Vocas products that are based on this dovetail system, such as the USBP-15 MKII, the BP-19 MKII and the Quick release dovetail plate.





Miten sinä kuljetat isoa näyttöäsi tai monitoriasi?
Porta Bracella on siihen ratkaisu.

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Uutta Porta Bracelta  Sound Devices PIX E-nauhurille

Näyttökuva 2015-11-06 kello 11.07.44


Uudessa Bond -leffassa käytetty vain parhaimpia valoratkaisuja

Hoyte van Hoytema, FSF, NSC on lighting Spectre (via American Cinematographer, November 2015) –

“For this Bond I wanted close-ups to have different feels, and I also used different tools: Rifa-lites, fluorescents, LED panels. I like to do dynamic close-ups, where the light on the faces changes because of the mise-en scéne.”

To learn about the versatility of the Lowel Rifa eXchange system – and



Veydran Mini Prime objektiivit nyt meiltä!

Micro4/4, E-mount ja C-mount

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Portan uutuus talvitakki Sony FS5’lle. Pakkassuojia löytyy myös muille kameroille.

Näyttökuva 2015-10-16 kello 11.14.20





Watch the Benefits of Vocas Matteboxes


Portan uutuus Sony FS5’lle… reppu irrotettavilla pyörillä, nerokasta!

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Vocas’ilta uutuus Mattebox 6.6×6.6 sekä NATO-konsepti.

MB466 vocasnato



Vocasilta lisävarusteet uuteen ARRI Alexa Miniin.

Arri Alexa mini september 2015 web (vedetty) Arri Alexa mini september 2015 web (vedetty) 1


Canon on tänään lanseerannut ensimmäisen UHDxs-sarjan objektiivinsa – 


Näyttökuva 2015-08-25 kello 9.32.06

Tässä virallinen linkki mm.teknisiin tietoihin.


DENZ’iltä korvaamaton työkalu jokaiselle ohjaajalle ja kameramiehelle – nyt toimituksessa!

Näyttökuva 2015-08-21 kello 10.07.57


A Week to Behold, a Fashfest highlight video.

Backstage scenes shot entirely on the ARRI Amira camera over the four nights of Canberra’s annual fashion festival.

LENS: Canon CN7x17 Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95
CAMERA: Arri Amira



Uutta Image Engineeriltä – DIGITUS!

Näyttökuva 2015-08-10 kello 10.42.56Näyttökuva 2015-08-10 kello 10.43.08


Vocasin elokuun tarjous Sonyn PXW-FS7 kameralle.

Näyttökuva 2015-08-03 kello 13.34.18


Uusi paranneltu Lowel Blender -LEDvalo nyt saatavilla kolmena erilaisena kittinä.

Kysy tarjousta!


Porta Bracelta uutuus audioliivi/varustelaukku – Audio Tactical Vest ATV. 

-Form-fitting design stabilizes equipment close to your body, even when on the move

-Durable, 1000-denier Cordura Nylon construction

-Boom pole clip provides convenience and rest when not recording

-Swap out integrated tablet pouch or phone/accessory pouch

-Modular design adds additional storage if needed

Custom Fit mallit mm.  Zoom F8, Zaxcom Maxx, SD 633, Sound Devices 688 nauhureille

Näyttökuva 2015-07-23 kello 9.26.12