RedPro – batteries and chargers

We are here to create the future !

RedPro Brand was founded 2009 to fulfill single idea – build products that will help users to feel safe and comfortable!
RedPro founders have had a long history in Broadcast experience , that is why all RedPro Products are very much user friendly , using high technology production , with High Quality and High Stability .
The company has tendency to grow fast , to be creative, and products affordable to everyone .
All Products are made from „ filed „ we listen our users and our team of developer engineers create this information to the end products. This simple philosophy, give us advantage that is recognized on the world market.
RedPro products connects people with their experiences in Professional Video and Photo world. The Company is committed to providing customers with extraordinary services to listen manufacture sale and support.
RedPro products are used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Single-camera ENG-style production
  • Documentary film and video production
  • News Corporation Video and Photo production
  • Multi-camera news magazine interviews
  • Professional and Consumer Photo production
  • Professional Audio field Production

RedPro products are engineered by our design team that is obsessed with providing quality, intuitive products that improve our customers’ workflow. We hope you feel as strongly about your RedPro products as we do.

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Battery Packs
Video Led Lights
Battery Chargers
Professional Power
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Intelligent Power