Virtus Power / HDMI by ACSE

In the range of professional film-, tv- and video- camera- technologies, a general system change from Standard Definition to High Definition is apparent. But what applies to regular shoots is still far from routine within the field of air photography. When it comes to Hendrik Vogt, this condition is dissatisfying and needs continuous improvement, especially in terms of knowledge. Following these considerations, the founders decided on the formation of Airborne Camera Systems Europe GmbH.


Virtus Power offers several options on a movie set. With professional interfaces your camera and many electronically devices, such as headlight, cellphone, tablet can be powered with only one power source.

virtus chart


With the attachable Virtus HDMI the well known Virtus Power will be upgraded to an HDMI to HD-SDI converter. Both units can be bolt together with low effort. The Virtus HDMI can be powered with the Virtus Power by using a power bus connector and thus requires no external power supply.